About the Artist


Kathy Konkle is a professional freelance illustrator and designer with more than 30 years experience covering a wide range of illustration genres. Based in New York City she has a strong grasp of visual design principles, typography, color, imagery and iconography. With a background in traditional illustration and graphics and with state-of-the-art computer skills she is comfortable illustrating for projects such as educational or “how to” book interiors and covers, icon and logo design, infographics and charts, technical and “step-by-step” illustrations, designing elements for websites and iPad/iPhone applications, illustration and animation for games and graphics for print materials of all kinds. In addition to vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator Kathy is an excellent graphic designer and works well in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to create promotional materials, brochures, flyers, invitations, posters and banners.

Kathy takes great pride in her work and is always sure to deliver her clients the best service possible within a competitive rate and time frame. A very perceptive artist, she will work with you to help you visualize your needs and bring your project to life. Able to work under strict deadlines with great professionalism, Kathy approaches each project project with careful attention to the details. She believes in keeping good communication with the client and strives to establish a pleasant working relationship looking forward to working together again in the future. A focused and hardworking individual she will finish the project to perfection for complete satisfaction from the client.

Please feel free to browse through Kathy’s portfolio sections and if you have an idea to be developed, a project to be realized or a picture to be visualized, she’d love to hear about your needs and answer any questions you may have. Her hourly rate is flexible, depending on the job at hand. She looks forward to working with you on your next project!

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Kathy is a tour de force vector illustrator. Her success in the stock world and her passion for helping others to find success is truly inspirational. The “Passive Income for Artists” group she created is an extension of how Kathy shares her own savvy business acumen with artists who are interested in learning more about microstock and other online income sources.
— Tim Goldman - Illustration Director for Shutterstock, New York, NY
Kathy’s work is incredible, her files are always clean and streamlined and ready to be put to use in any way! Thanks for raising the quality bar on iStock!
— Jen Bortonia - llustration Director, IStockPhoto, Calgary, Ontario, CA
Kathy Konkle is one of the most flexible graphic artists our company works with. She is able to create cogent and precise art in a wide variety of styles which both makes the idea clear and which caress the eye.
— Judson Rosebush -Director of Judson Rosebush Studios, New York, NY
Kathy is a versatile and innovative professional. We have been working with each other for fifteen plus years. In that time she has done illutrations for educational projects, museums, magazines, and more. She also done our book illustrations, technical drawings, logos, package design, and interactives. She is a professional in every sense of the word, thorough, timely, and responsive.
— Richard Shen - President, RYSing Media, Long Island, NY
Kathy Konkle is an amazing illustrator. Over 70,000 iStockphoto customers can’t be wrong! Her sales numbers speak for themselves. She makes art that people want.
— Karl Kotas - Digital content developer/multi-media artist, New York, NY
I’ve worked with Kathy on several projects and have found her to be creative, flexible and very knowledgeable about a surprising variety of media from traditional to electronic. She communicates well and is rock solid dependable in meeting reasonable deadlines and budgets. It is always a pleasure to work with her and she brings an inspired personal touch to each assignment. Highly recommended.
— Daniel Soergel - Industrial Designer, Soergel Design Associates, Brooklyn, NY
Kathy makes sure she thoroughly understands your request before starting the job and produces exactly what you asked for the first time around. There is very little rework that ever has to be done unless it is a change on our side, which she graciously takes in stride.
— Jeff Brooks - Senior software engineer, JB Systems, Washington, DC