Vector Illustration & Icon Design

I’m committed to providing illustrations, icons or designs in a perfect balance of scientific accuracy and visual aesthetics. Each project is designed to fit the needs of the client and to solve the visual communication problem effectively and efficiently from conceptualization to publication. As a professional illustrator my passion is to create visually engaging and accurate work with a specialty in illustrating how-to books, text books, graphics for the healthcare industry, technical illustration, infographics, icon design, and educational or children's game design.

I understand that the best illustrations, be they simple or detailed, are clear — that is, they have the fewest unnecessary things in them. Sloppy execution or inaccurate detail will hurt the illustration, even if the idea behind it is sound. By reading books about modern graphics and typography, I continue to absorb new ideas and perfect my design skills. With my extensive stock illustration experience I know the better designers tend to make the better illustrators.

When creating illustrations and icons, cultural considerations are important and traditions, surroundings and gestures can differ from country to country. Professional design also embodies hierarchy, repetition, line, balance, contrast, scale, and much more. I strive to add interest and compliment your existing branding.

Building on my experience in medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and educational graphics, I'm uniquely positioned to handle complex technical topics. I have a 30+ years of experience translating written and verbal descriptions from technical engineers, scientific authors and scientists. Whether it's illustrating deep-sea expeditions or doing plan drawings for the space shuttle or just designing one app icon I take a logical, clear, and understandable approach to illustration that helps viewers and readers understand how things work. 

Kathy Konkle

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